Our Story

Hi, I'm Akash, co-founder of iHeartVegans. My entire perspective changed when I watched a small clip from the documentary Earthlings last year. This led me to transition to veganism. I've always been a compassionate person, but it breaks my heart to see that it took me so long to realize the truth. Inspiring others to transition to veganism became my passion. To take this to the next level, I along with my siblings launched this movement to inspire others to embrace veganism. 

Human beings are social creatures. So, we spread our dire message by creating ethically manufactured apparel with catchy phrases that are guaranteed to spark a conversation. For the love we have for animals and Mother Nature, we donate 10% of our proceeds to animal rescue and environmental organizations in the hopes of making a small difference. 

Meet The Founders - the siblings that made it possible

Yash Hans

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Natasha Hans

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Akash Hans

Hey, it's me again. I'm stroked to have you here. I hope you resonate with our message and are inspired to join us in our efforts to inspire a cruelty-free world.



Our Mission: To inspire a cruelty-free lifestyle through compassion, sustainability, and mindfulness.

iHeartVegans isn’t just a clothing brand. It’s a way of life. We’re a community of individuals powered by our love for Mother Nature and all sentient beings that inhabit it--both human and animal. Our passion is inspiring others to treat our four-legged friends with the same rights as our two-legged ones. 

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What We 
Stand For?

At iHeartVegans, we believe in being the change you wish to see in the world. That’s why it’s our goal to raise awareness about animal cruelty, inclusiveness, and sustainability through thought-provoking and stylish apparel.

From bees to cows to humans to dogs, we all have a purpose. That purpose is to keep the ecosystem flourishing. Unfortunately, humans are the number one cause of climate change, and it’s destroying other species at an alarming rate. For the sake of the environment, we must change the way we consume our food, entertainment, and clothing.

We accomplish our mission every day by following these three core values:

Compassionate Living

Love all of earth’s creatures equally by abstaining from animal products

Sustainable Living

Abstain from using materials that harm animals or the environment

Mindful Living

Be conscious of your actions and its impact on the world today, and for future generations

Giving Back

10% off our proceeds go to animal rescue and environmental organizations. 
If it weren’t for our love for animals and Mother Nature, iHeartVegans wouldn’t have a platform. Click the button below to learn more about how iHeartVegans helps save animals and the planet?

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Why is Our Mission So Important?

A vegan lifestyle isn’t just an ethical choice. It’s a sustainable one as well. Approximately 40% of methane gases causing climate change are because of animal agriculture. Not to mention, 91% of the trees lost in the Amazon were cut down to plant grass for cows to graze. That’s on top of the 1,799 gallons of water it takes to grow a hamburger.

By joining the iHeartVegans community, you’re doing more than saving some of the 56 billion animals senselessly murdered each year. You’re also helping us save the planet.

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10% of our profits go to animal rescue

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